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I’m Isha Vithalani, a User Experience Designer currently in my final year pursuing a B.Des Degree in User Experience Design from MIT Institute of Design, Pune.

I aim to create user-centric, pleasing and human experiences. I strive to achieve excellence in every task that I take up and am detail-oriented in my approach with openness to experimenting and believing in crazy ideas.

I have a keen interest in psychology and sociology which helps me understand my users better.


I am passionate and curious towards learning, always up for trying out new things, developing my skills and expanding my understanding of the subject in a holistic fashion. 

I have been born and brought up in Mumbai, India and lived in a joint family all my life which has helped me develop myself into being understanding in nature, respectful of differences in perspective and quick in adjusting to new challenges. I also enjoy working with diverse teams. I love to share ideas, have elaborate discussions on life, psychology, people's favorite music, movie, show, basically anything that sparks a light in someone's eyes.

Common adjectives people have used to describe me are: optimist, ambitious, reliable, resilient, persistent, hard working, convincing, affectionate, sensitive and quirky.  

I like to watch K-dramas, binge on classic Bollywood movies while repeating the dialogues verbatim, dance my worries away, listen to music recommendations, walk in the rain, read Agatha Christie make me fall for Poirot even deeper and eat the spiciest of food owing to the benign masochism as Paul Rozin likes to call it. 


Hey there! Glad to see you here.

Oh wait, there's more...


Let me introduce to you my passion project, Reframe. It is said that you are lucky to find people you share your core values and morals with. But it is even better when you come together and build a community out of those shared values. Reframe is built out of sheer love and passion for the practice of journaling and mindfulness. I started this brand with two of my best friends, Siddhi and Devashri. Anything that helps us stay in tune with ourselves, that is Reframe for us.  

Curating experiences by aligning design with business goals, market needs and user expectations has been equal parts challenging and exciting. This project places me at a sweet spot where I am able to apply my design knowledge to tangible products along with the digital ones and move out of my comfort zone. I am learning to understand consumer psychology and use habit forming products / practices to help people be the best version of themselves. Currently, our efforts are directed towards building a brand image by managing online social platforms, designing daily content to engage with the audience as well as perfecting our very first product launch. Stay tuned! A lot more is yet to come.


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